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How do I buy an Abu Crypto NFT on OpenSea? 

1- You need to have MetaMask installed on your devices browser and create an account. 
2- You need to add the Polygon network to the wallet.
3- You will need ETH added to your wallet, as any purchase on OpenSea is made in ETH.
4- Go to  our OpenSea collection and select an NFT and purchase one.

How do I add MATIC or ETH to my MetaMask wallet on Polygon/Matic Mainnet network? 

1- Send MATIC/ETH to your MetaMask on Polygon network from any exchange (Binance/KuCoin etc).
2- Use a Polygon bridge to transfer ETH from your MetaMask Ethereum network wallet to your MetaMask Polygon/Matic Mainnet network wallet. 
3- Swap between the two (MATIC and ETH) in the MetaMask wallet swap function. 

What is Polygon network?

Polygon is an interoperability layer two scaling solution for building Ethereum-compatible blockchains. It 
provides a solution to the extremely high gas fees of Ethereum.

What is Matic?

MATIC is the native cryptocurrency of the Polygon network and is used for paying transaction (gas) fees.

How do I see my Abu Crypto NFTs in my MetaMask wallet? 

Under "Assets" in your MetaMask wallet click "Import Tokens" at the bottom. Then fill out the following information and click Add.
Token Contract Address: 0x602e7BF8cBA962c40cc3674A49b8Fe9e2077CaCD
Token Symbol: ABU
Token Decimal: 0

Binance is suspended?

Solution 1:

Solution 2:
Binance is going through maintenance on its networks, unfortunately this means Polygon Network is often down. Many solutions are available like other exchanges. KuCoin is a easy and fast setup option that we have tested in place of Binance. You can send you funds from Binance to KuCoin and swap it for Matic, then send the Matic to you MetaMask wallet on the Polygon/Matic Mainnet network! 

Solution 3:
1- Add Binance Smart Chain network to you MetaMask wallet. 
2- Send from Binance USDC to you MetaMask wallet address on the BSC netrwork. 
3- Then Bridge the USDC from the BSC network side of your MetaMask wallet to the Polygon/Matic Mainnnet network side of your MetaMask wallet.

4- Swap the USDC now in your Polygon/Matic Mainnet network side of you MetaMask wallet with the MetaMask swap function in the wallet for Matic. 

My new NFT is just a rotation GIF?

The Gif is the base image of Abu Crypto NFT, please wait for OpenSea to fetch the data from the blockchain. This can take time (5min-1hr), you can help by pressing the refresh button near the NFT image in OpenSea to help boost the refresh time. 

How to I connect my mobile MetaMask wallet?

Manually connect with this link.